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The Secret to how Joe Rogan and other Successful Entrepreneurs Gain Massive Success in business and life while juggling multiple priorities.

by Tony Miller
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Let's be real — 2020 was an incredibly challenging year. With many small businesses being closed in excess of six months, entrepreneurs had to quickly adapt to a virtual environment with little to no notice. That was not an easy task, and the struggles aren't over yet.

With the lines blurred between work and home, it's harder than ever to stay focused on your next big project. You're busy trying to negotiate new terms with your suppliers or clients and your family is making all sorts of noise in the background. After zoning out through yet another webinar, you wonder in frustration — Why can't I grasp these concepts?!

Don't be so hard on yourself. Juggling family life, keeping the pantry stocked, finding personal time, and worrying about uncertainties in the business world is enough to derail anyone's attention span.

Their Needs and Desires Aren't Much Different From Yours

Take a look at Joe Rogan. He runs one of the most successful podcasts in the world while balancing many other roles, including being a comedian, an MMA fighter, and a dad. How does he have the time and focus to accomplish all of this?

Joe Rogan often talks about unleashing his flow state and how it helps him accomplish more things as he stays focused and productive. Understanding what helps Joe Rogan and other entrepreneurs thrive during stressful times can help you live your dream life with more freedom, money, and success.

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Solution: Find Your Flow State for Productivity and Performance

Staying productive has never been more difficult. Constant notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media sites are distracting people more than ever.

Many people feel like they're doing a hundred things at once yet leave their desk feeling like they've accomplished nothing. Well, that feeling has a lot to do with shrinking concentration spans. In fact, a Microsoft study found people's attention spans have plummeted a whopping 33% over the last two decades(1).

Being distracted and unfocused is not something you should shrug off as a normal part of life. It can jeopardize your ability to hit work targets and even jeopardize your ability to hit your business goals, set your own schedule, and unlock your potential as an entrepreneur. What's worse, these problems can mean losing out to competitors who find a way to stay focused and get stuff done.

While some people waste hours scrolling endlessly through Instagram, others find ways to support their brains for optimal performance through nootropics and engaging flow state(2).

Nootropics and Unlocking Your Flow State: What You Should Know

Nootropics have exploded in popularity over the last decade. They’re typically promoted as smart drugs that promote cognitive function, memory, creativity, and motivation(3)

Many nootropics companies make outlandish claims about what they can do, but few have social proof to back up these statements.

Alpha BRAIN® is different.

If you want your brain to fire on all cylinders, you need to concentrate on two things: ramping up the production of alpha waves, and supporting the production of neurotransmitters,† chemicals that relay information in and from the brain. Alpha BRAIN® was formulated with these essential goals in mind.

With its trademarked ingredient blends, Alpha BRAIN® helps foster an environment in which the brain can operate on all cylinders and protect its functioning for lasting mental clarity.†

Joe Rogan has been able to access his flow state with help from nootropics. In fact, he never does a show without using Alpha BRAIN® because it helps him concentrate and stay focused.

Onnit Pro: Joe Rogan

Comedian, UFC Commentator, and Podcaster

“It seems to fire up your brain at a higher RPM level... I feel like it helps me form sentences better.”†

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How Alpha BRAIN® Works

Most nootropics take the salad bowl approach, where ingredients are thrown together in the hope that one or two will have an effect. With Alpha BRAIN®, all the ingredients have been hand picked to support a specific purpose.

These ingredients were combined to create three proprietary blends:


Being in a flow state is associated with greater activity of alpha waves. Research actually shows that the brain is better organized and more calm and focused when alpha waves are firing high. The Onnit Flow Blend provides amino acids and other plant compounds that promote alpha wave production and optimal brain cell function. Amino acids help promote working memory and an overall state of well-being.


Herb extracts designed to support healthy levels of the messenger chemical messenger acetylcholine for creative thinking and sustained concentration.


The Onnit Fuel Blend has been formulated with the goal of maintaining a healthy brain environment, further optimizing neural communication.

All three blends are combined into every Alpha BRAIN® pill, making it the equivalent of three nootropics in one. What's more, Alpha BRAIN® is an alternative to sugary products, such as lattes and energy drinks.

That's because Alpha BRAIN® contains absolutely no sugar or caffeine whatsoever. In fact, its formula is so clean that it's been 3rd party tested for potency and purity.

Here's what Alpha BRAIN® helps do:

  • Promotes focus
  • Supports productivity, leaving more time for projects
  • Assists the completion rate of projects and tasks
  • Helps close the gap between ideas and execution

Find out why Alpha BRAIN® is the only brain supplement you’ll ever need.

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Customer Success Stories

Makenzie Martin knows firsthand how nootropics can help change someone's life. Her mind used to wander when she researched business topics, and she found it hard to stay on task. As a result, many of her incredible ideas disappeared before she even had a chance to test drive them.

She started taking Alpha BRAIN® a few months ago. Since then, profits have tripled for this successful entrepreneur, and she says her mind feels sharper and more focused than ever.

Aubrey Marcus, founder of Onnit, can relate. As a multisport athlete, podcast host, business instructor and public speaker, he understood how hectic life's demands could get. That's why he helped launch Alpha BRAIN® in 2011. His goal was to help everyone from entrepreneurs to ambitious students thrive, and many consumers appreciate the effects of this helpful nootropic.

Check out this endorsement from athlete and entrepreneur Lewis Howes:

Onnit Pro: Lewis Howes

Athlete, Entrepreneur

“I'm constantly busy with running businesses, managing travel, and high intensity workouts to stay in peak shape. Alpha BRAIN® gives me that added focus to run at an optimal level and stay focused throughout the day so I can be competitive in every area of my life.”†

Alpha BRAIN® is celebrated by athletes and performers alike, including Joe Rogan. As a popular podcast host, UFC broadcaster, and stand-up comic, Joe understands the vital need to keep his brain in optimum shape while under pressure.

That's why Joe helped create Alpha BRAIN®. He wants more people to benefit from advances in nootropic science and support their cognitive power and performance.

Joe is a great believer in people doing the work to achieve great results, whether in business, sports, or their personal lives. That's why it's a safe bet you'll hear Joe discuss Alpha BRAIN® on his podcast often. Alpha BRAIN®'s triple-blend formula helps people with focus and productivity to achieve their goals and outperform the competition.

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For a limited time, you can save up to 30% when you purchase a multipack of Alpha BRAIN®.


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For a limited time, you can save up to 30% when you purchase a multipack of Alpha BRAIN®.

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Alpha BRAIN®

Helps you to think clearly and focus. Great in the morning without the coffee

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Products amazing i dont feel brain fog and never have to worry about forgetting things

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Helps a lot

Decided to give this product a try after hearing it on the joe rogan podcast, well worth the buy helps with my memory and daily thoughts

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Good stuff

Yes good thanks great results brain goes wow when taking these

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Alpha BRAIN® is awesome! Worth the money.

Takes a week to notice results and feel it working

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it works

the hard part is trying to make your brain stop working on all cylinders.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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For a limited time, you can save up to 30% when you purchase a multipack of Alpha BRAIN®.

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